Velvet Ribbon by Roger Dubuis features mechanical high-end horology and stunningly creative jewelry-making

      First introduced at SIHH in 2016, Velvet Ribbon by Replica Roger Dubuis features mechanical high-finish horology and stunningly creative jewellery-making. The charismatic new models are distinguished by voluptuous trompe l’oeil cases mixing tonneau (barrel) and circular shapes, together with split-level dials creating fascinating depth effects and distinctive ornamental central lugs.

      Replica Velvet Ribbon takes things one stage further by mixing the uncompromising standards of Poin?on de Geneve certification having a talent for design in addition to jewel-setting excellence. Dressy and superbly glamorous, these designs include a sparkle to complement those of the discerning ladies who will adopt them.

      The 2 new creations finishing the trilogy are issued in limited editions using the Roger Dubuis lucky number 8 and riding towards the challenge set through the Manufacture: Dare to become Rare.

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