Roger Dubuis La Monégasque Automatic Flying Tourbillon for just Replica Watch 2016

      The first time, Replica Roger Dubuis integrated their automatic flying tourbillon movement, caliber RD520, inside the La Monégasque collection. In the pièce unique for your Only replica Watch 2016 auction which will be held on September 28 in Monaco. How appropriate for! In comparison with Monegasque Flying Tourbillon with large date - getting a by hands wound movement - this adds a micro-rotor, among Roger Dubuis’ signature features, for the dial side, creating a mesmerizing visual treat.

      So far this movement was just utilized in the replica xcalibur Automatic Flying Tourbillon, and it is now getting used, for just one time, within the Monégasque. Because the Only replica Watch auction is really a Monegasque affair, it seems sensible to give a pièce unique out of this very collection. The Roger Dubuis Flying Tourbillon is for me probably the most beautiful tourbillons on the planet which is always a sheer pleasure to determine the black polished “cross” from the tourbillon’s cage rotate.

      This flying tourbillon and the three words at the bottom of the dial, are the two other signature features of Roger Dubuis. That’s because Roger Dubuis is the only replica watch maufacture that can stamp the Hallmark of Geneva on its entire production! The Hallmark of Geneva is one of the most demanding signatures in fine watchmaking and makes a great starting point in a quest for excellence.

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